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Analysing Encrypted PDF Files for malware

I recently came across a PDF 306d7e608a52121aa4508e9901e4072e which on Virus Total only has 7/42 (16.67%) detection.

The sample uses PDF Version 4 standard encryption - AES V2 with a 128 bit key which leads us to wonder if some AV vendors are not handling the decryption to peak inside at the PDF content.

PDFs can be encrypted, with a key calculated from values in the PDF so it can be opened and viewed, compliant PDF readers will dissallow certain permissions such as copy/paste or printing (some documents can have a user password to open the file, but we won't get into brute forcing that type here). While obtaining the key is a relatively trivial calculation, the encryption level is quite good and will bypass typical NIDS and apparently some AV products.

Some of the resources we can use to figure out the PDF encryption key generation is the ISO 32000-1 document on the PDF structure which is freely available from Adobe.

For older PDF Version 1/2 encryption I found this resource. But thi…