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Tips for detecting cyber espionage attacks - how to find suspicious emails

State sponsored cyber espionage or targeted malware is most often delivered as email attachments or links within the body of an email. The other methods are compromised websites (waterhole attacks), and direct hacking via externally available systems such as servers and databases. Email is by far the most common and successful way to be targeted by a foreign state, but it's also best defended against by user awareness.

Typical Targets of APTHuman rights groups - Tibet, democracy etc.Fortune 500Military, foreign affairs, government, and contractorsResources and energyCommunicationsAerospace TransportationHealth Care Emerging TechnologyCompanies that trade with or compete with China
Tips to detect suspicious emails: Themes - socially engineered emails look somewhat related to your interests or business, but are often something general like a recent news event, or a related theme but not something you're involved with - like invitations or conference attendee lists for events you…